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Why Choose a Stair Lift?

A stair lift is much more cost effective than an elevator, and easier to install. 

A stair lift allows a rider to move up and down stairs while seated. 

Stair lifts can be installed for a staircase inside or outside the home and give the user back his/her mobility. 

They can be installed on a straight, intermediate landing or curved staircase.

For many, the addition of a stair lift may be all someone needs to continue safely living in their home.

Five IMPORTANT things to consider before you purchase a stair lift

#1 Buy your stair lift from a reputable company.

Mobility Scooters and More has highly trained and elevator certified installers who are fulltime employees and have been with our company for years. This is particularly important if you become faced with a maintenance concern and also for your yearly maintenance. We offer a stair lift from Bruno in that it is a name brand name manufacturer that we both can trust.

#2 Know your stairway.

Does your home have a curved stairway? More than one set of stairs? Do you live in an older home with a narrow stairway? These are questions you’ll want to keep in mind as you go through the purchase process.

#3 Know your budget.

More often than not, fitting your home with a stair lift is a viable, cost-effective option compared to having to restructure your home or move somewhere else entirely in order to accommodate a mobility challenge such as an elevator. However, you still want to weigh the cost and inquire as to what your long term care in-home insurance may and may not cover. You may also be able to claim your stair lift on your taxes.

#4 Know the installation options and requirements.

A mobility representative from Mobility Scooters and More company will come out to your home to inspect how and where the stair lift will fit in. The representative will take measurements and make recommendation of a specific type of stair lift that is best suited to both the layout of your home as well as your mobility needs.

#5 Know the features and availability of the stair lift.

Most stair lifts are fairly uncomplicated in design. There are options available to you, such as a folding flip rail at the end of the stair case. Our mobility specialist can review all of the options with you as well as make recommendations.

In addition, we at Mobility Scooters and More keep the straight stair lifts in stock thus we can install fairly quickly after the order is placed

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